im体育APP has been an active partner in testing and inspecting steel manufacture, production, and supply for over 100 years. We understand the unique challenges the industry faces in ensuring quality control, getting products to market on-time and supporting the competitive advantage for each of our customers.

钢 测试 from Global Experts in Metallurgical 测试

Operating across 欧洲, North America, and Asia, im体育APP has one of the largest independent metallurgical testing service capabilities in the world. We have built our world-class reputation based on a combination of technical excellence and most importantly, the integrity and quality of our results.

Fracture Toughness 测试, Drop Weight Tear (DWTT) and More For 钢 Manufacturers

从3开始.2 witnessed test schedule to a full suite of advanced Fracture Toughness testsDrop Weight Tear (DWTT), and Dynamic Tear 测试, im体育APP has the laboratories and experience to meet the demands of this exacting industry. 

The im体育APP Advantage

Our Engaged Experts have extensive experience in testing the effects of  on steel and metals (e.g., corrosion, permeation). We support the steel industry to reduce CO2 emissions and the transition from carbon-based energy sources to 氢.

For more information about our testing capabilities for the steel industry, contact our experts 今天. 

Our services

Our 钢 industry services include

Mechanical 测试 640 x 480

Mechanical & Destructive 测试

im体育APP's mechanical tests are part of our destructive testing services, they show whether a material or part is suitable for its intended mechanical applications.

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Non-destructive testing - Radiography

Non-Destructive 测试 (NDT)

im体育APP's NDT services comply with a wide variety of industry standards, government contracts, military specifications and unique customer requirements.

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Metallurgical 测试

Metallurgical 测试

Find out more about our metallurgical testing expertise and our comprehensive range services, from grain size analysis to fractography.

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Corrosion 测试 Services

Corrosion 测试

Find out how im体育APP's corrosion testing programs can drastically reduce the risks associated with corrosion.

Chemical Analysis Preparation

Chemical Analysis

Find out more about our chemical analysis laboratories that offer a critical resource for both material and product manufacturers.

Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

Find out how im体育APP's global team of failure analysis experts learn from the past, to help prevent future failures in service. 

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氢 permeation testing at im体育APP

im体育APP has decades of experience in testing materials and components for their behavior in 氢-containing environments.

Fracture Toughness 640 x 480

Fracture Toughness 测试

im体育APP provides fracture toughness testing to determine material characteristics and longevity of metallic, nonmetallic, and advanced materials.

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Our team of over 9,000 Engaged Experts in North America, 欧洲, The Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa are ready to help you.